Piranhamax197C - A Review Of A Very Good Fish Finder

Buying the ultimate fish finder, especially one that can find fish like a fish finder, is almost impossible nowadays without using the internet. Most of us have become too dependent on the internet to help us with virtually anything, but when it comes to fishing we often neglect its benefits and overlook its potential. We should definitely consider using a fish finder system when heading out on a fishing adventure. It may be a new experience for you, but it could turn out to be one that you won't ever forget.


It does not matter whether you plan to use a fish finder system when fishing; there are a lot of accessories available nowadays. You would be surprised at the number of gadgets available in the market today. When buying one, make sure that you are buying an entry-level model and one which can do all that are required of it. If you are among those who constantly wanders around aimlessly, this is what you need. Humminbird piranhamax197c has been designed to improve your overall performance and locate the best possible fishing spots, no matter where you are headed.



The fishfinder in this brand has a few features which distinguish it from other brands. For one, the auto chirp feature works extremely well and allows you to zero in on fish and lure very quickly. It is a one-touch feature, which allows you to simply touch the bottom of the chirp to get a readout of the depth and the temperature. The auto chirp is also capable of cutting ice fishing lines and making a sharp sound. The fish finder has a clear viewing window, larger than what you would normally find in ordinary fish finders, with a color-coded filter cover for easy filtering. In fact, this product even filters water too!


Another great thing about the fishfinder that caught our attention was the presence of fish alarms. The auto chirp works just like a fish finder only this one is able to detect fish and not lures. The fish finder has two modes which are very user friendly. The first mode, called 'Normal' has a simple, regular-looking cover and the second mode, called 'Silent' has a bright white cover which makes it easy to see in the murky water. This feature is one of the key piranhamax 197c reviews!


Another exciting feature of the underwater fish finders is the ability to connect it with your cell phone. This allows you to send your location for an accurate Google map on your cell phone screen. If you know the exact location of a fish then you can maximize your chances at catching it by having the correct information at your fingertips. Many other types of fish finders do not allow you this type of connection, which is why we love the humminbird piranhamax197c reviews so much. No matter how many other reviews we have of this particular product we feel that it is worth repeating - if you don't have a cell phone with you then get one!


The other features that we loved about the piranhamax versus other fishfinders was the resolution, picture and sound quality, and ease of use. The biggest surprise for us was how good the picture quality was! It seemed that the pictures taken with the hummingbirds were way better than those taken with a other brand we were using. The sound quality was also quite impressive. You can clearly hear your catch even when it is several miles away from you. The ergonomic design of the handheld fish finder was also great.


Some of our favorite features of the piranhamax197c are the suction cup and the water proof design. The suction cup allows you to manually adjust the depth and allows you to use the fish finder while wet. It is definitely a huge plus in the excitement department when looking for a good fish finder. If it was any harder to use, you could seriously wear yourself out by wading through shallow waters with no depth adjustment. The suction cup allows you to quickly remove it for cleaning without any problems.


The other great thing about this product is the waterproof design. It is built to withstand being submerged in water up to 200 feet. This is great for the novice or just for people who aren't that concerned about getting their equipment wet. Overall, we feel that the overall quality of the humminbirds piranhamax197c and the piranhamax are both outstanding.

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